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Chain Link Fences

Jimco offers a wide variety of sizes and types of Chain Link Fence and Chain Link Accessories. Whatever your specifications, from 3 feet to 12 feet high fencing, Jimco has what you need.

Also available are single and double gates, Privacy Slatting, Stationary and Portable Dog Runs.

Privacy Slatting: Commercial and Residential

Semi Private

Now the utmost in privacy and beauty from both sides of the fence. Our slats are designed to retain their original color and beauty without cracking or fading. A chain link fence with our slats is virtually maintenance free. To clean, just spray with water, our privacy slats have an exclusive patented slat that comes in six different widths that will fit any chain link fence.


In addition to the traditional privacy slatting Jimco Fence also offers the ultimate chainlink privacy product. Privacy Link slats are truly private.

Privacy Link 3" x 5" mesh chain link fabric and comes with the privacy slats already pre-woven into the chain link, thus providing greater labor savings. Privacy Link has a 15 year Limited Warranty.


Whether you seek to improve an existing chain link fence or build a new one from the ground up, Privacy Decorative Slatting (PDS) may be the perfect answer. PDS can turn a dull backyard into a private, personal sanctuary. PDS is designed for the homeowner as well as the professional landscaper, so installation is a breeze. Wherever you require a fence with privacy, PDS will work beautifully for years, even in the harshest weather.

Easy installation, low maintenance, durability, and beauty make Privacy Decorative Slatting (PDS) ideal for commercial applications. PDS can do wonders in commercial and industrial areas where zoning laws require sight obscuring fences. PDS is also ideal for use around parking lots, apartment buildings, playgrounds, swimming pools and trash enclosures.

Colored Chain Link:


Or Special Order:


Security Chain Link:

For schools, industrial sites, commercial sites, tennis courts, sports courts, ministorages and municipalities.

We can install barbwire, razor wire, fencing, commercial grade materials.

Contemporary color fence systems can be artistically bleded into the environment to dramatically enhance any chain-link fence system. These aesthetically enhanced coatings provide further value to the end-user with the additional benefit of protecting the bas materials from corrosion. Jimco Fence provides the latest generation of protective coatings for chain-link fence systems by combining the corrosion protection of zinc with the added protection of long-lasting color coatings.

Whether the application is residential, commercial, recreational, industrial, or high-security, a color chain-link fence system add that creative flair and aesthetic touch that reflects a well-designed and welll-planned project.